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Lab Services



  • Soil Density

  • Shear Strength

  • Unconfined Compression

  • Consolidation

  • Expansion

  • Hydrometer

  • Proctor Testing

  • Gradation

  • Soil Classification




  • Concrete Testing (strength)

  • Mortar Cube Testing

  • Grout Cube Testing

  • RQD

  • Rock Compessive Strength Testing



Our soil lab and concrete lab are equipped to perform a wide variety of soil analysis, material testing, and concrete testing. After the drilling & sampling are completed, soil samples are collected and the proper laboratory tests are performed. These tests are essential in providing specific details and characteristics of the soil, ensuring that the most suitable and cost-effective foundation design option is available to our clients.


ONLY testing establishes the true and ultimate data needed to render an accurate foundation assessment.

                                 "We can't guess....we are not magicians..."

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